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Article No.: A70085
Articlename: AZURA Organizer

AZURA Organizer

For attachment of columns and more to the side panel of your AZURA device

The AZURA Organizer is used to attach various columns from 5 mm to 26 mm outside diameter, Falcon tubes, the back pressure regulator and the pH electrode via a simple clamping mechanism. AZURA Organizer can be easily attached to AZURA Click on the side wall of your AZURA L instrument and comes with clamps of three different sizes (12 mm clamp: 6 pcs., 16 mm clamp: 4 pcs., 25 mm clamp: 2 pcs.) 

Use the following article numbers to reorder single clamps:

12 mm clamp (A70085-1): · for columns with outer diameter up to 13 mm (Examples: Sepapure 1 ml cartridges)

16 mm clamp (A70085-2): · 15 ml falcon tube · back pressure regulator · for columns with outer diameter up to 16 mm (Example: Sepapure 5 ml cartridges)

25 mm clamp (A70085-3): · 50 ml falcon tubes · for columns with outer diameter up to 26 mm 

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Type AZURA Organizer

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