AppliChrom® StyDiViBe-P-10E5A-BPT, 5 µm, GPC column 300 x 8 mm

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Article No.: 30GW470ABJ
Articlename: AppliChrom® StyDiViBe-P-10E5A-BPT, 5 µm, GPC column 300 x 8 mm

AppliChrom® StyDiViBe-P-10E5A-BPT, 5 µm, GPC column 300 x 8 mm

GPC in separation range of 500 Da-1.5 MioDa (BPT: Broad Poredistribution Technology)

AppliChrom® GPC-columns for GPC analysis of organic molecules using THF, toluene, chloroform

  • spherical high porous styrene-divinylbenzene GPC-media
  • large molecular weight range: 100 - >10.000.000Da
  • optimized for 1ml/min flowrate when using 8mm ID-columns
  • high pressure stability of 150-50bar, depending on porosity
  • high capacity from AppliChrom 8mm ID GPC columns (5% more than 7,8mm columns, 14% more than 7,5mm ID columns)
  • plus extra high pore volume from AppliChrom GPC synthesis technology for an extra increasing of peak capacity and resolution
  • proprietary AppliChrom GPC column packing procedure for accurate peak performance, low back pressures and an extension of column livetime
  • long column livetime for reduction of costs even at high througput screening applications
  • high level of reproducibility
  • high purity of AppliChrom GPC particles and columns for pure GPC mechanisms, low signal noise and reduction of „systempeaks“ after GPC run
  • Available with BPT: Broad Poredistribution Technology – easy calibration curve for large range of molecular sizes; lowered calibration artefacts compared to single pore combination columns

GPC-examples (THF):

  • amylose acetat
  • amylose autyrat
  • amylose propionat
  • butyl rubber
  • cellulose diacetat
  • cellulosenitrat
  • polybutadiene
  • polycarbonate
  • polyisoprene
  • PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate)
  • propylenglycol
  • polystyrene
  • polymethylstyrene
  • natural rubber
  • PVC (polyvinylchloride)
  • polyvinylacetate
  • epoxid resins
  • polyisocyanate
  • polyols
  • polyurethans
  • plant oils/triglycerids/diglycerids,....

GPC-examples (toluene):

  • silicones
  • polydimethylsiloxan

Technical Data

Separation column

Brand AppliChrom® StyDiViBe-P
Base material styrene-divinylbenzene
Particle size 5 µm
Pore size 105Å-BPT
Length [mm] 300 mm
Inner diameter [mm] 8 mm
Pressure rating 50 - 150 bar (depending on pore size)
Separation range 500 Da - 1.5 MDa

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