It's not just a new version of LC control software, but a new generation

PurityChrom 6 is the next generation of KNAUER`s purification software.

It is designed to adress all separation tasks in biopurification and preparative HPLC. PurityChrom 6’s animated flowpath visualization improves usability and method writing whilst providing intelligent fraction collection and the ability to configure several different systems in one program.

The cherry on top? The software also meets the standards of GAMP 5 and 21 CFR part 11.

Features of PurityChrom 6

Flexible software meets flexible hardware

The new version 6 of PurityChrom is as flexible as the KNAUER hardware. Multiple configurations can be created and managed, so that changes in the hardware (e.g., rededication of an inlet valve to an outlet valve) can be transferred to the software in minutes.

Method writing with just a couple of clicks

The animated visualisation is not only the center piece for manual operation, but can also be used to write complex purification methods with just a few clicks. A comparison of the written method with previously recorded chromatograms facilitates the optimization of methods. Furthermore, methods can be subdivided into individual steps and particularly frequently used steps can be easily transferred to new methods as "macros".

Take control of your purification team

Using the advanced user administration, roles can be defined and assigned to individual users. The configured user administration can be saved and managed locally or via an own SQL server to synchronize the user administration on all computers in your team.

Intelligent fraction collection

Fraction collection is the key to the success of a purification and therefore also to an efficient purification software. PurityChrom 6 is able to reflect any fractionation situation, including operating a combination of valves and collectors on different peak situations. Furthermore, different fractionation situations ("Collection Units") can be configured, so that only the relevant fractionation type has to be selected in a method to enable correct working of fraction valves or fraction collector.

Intuitive data analysis

Analyze your data easily in PurityChrom 6 by automatic peak integration or compare several recorded chromatograms with each other. You can easily copy and paste your integration results into a table analysis program. Furthermore, you can export your data as CSV or PDF. Design and content of the PDF report can be freely configured.

Use the System Check Button to find out if PurityChrom 6 is the perfect choice for your system.


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