OpenLAB® CDS Software
EZChrom Edition

OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition is the next generation of chromatography data systems and the successor of ChromGate CDS. OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition provides chromatography data acquisition, processing and control of GC and LC chromatographs and is used in chromatography operations ranging from single user/single instrument to multi-user/multi-instrument laboratories. It provides support of devices from KNAUER and many other manufacturers. Beside the drivers for our devices, KNAUER has also implemented features you will not find in the original OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition, as an option for adjust method settings during a run or advanced fraction collection functionality.

OpenLAB® technical data


Software name OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition
Extensions / Licenses Fraction collection, System suitability
System architecture 32-bit CDS
Operating system Depends on CDS version. Latest version, supported by KNAUER drivers, is A.04.09. It runs on Windows 10 Prof./Enterprise 64-bit and Windows 7 Prof. 32- and 64-bit.


Stand-alone on a Workstation or AIC max. 3 systems or 2 systems with 3D data acquisition
Client/server Client/Server functionality allows for using license keys from any computer in the network, full control of a control-PC (server) from any other computer (Client) in the network (Distributed System)
Multi-user environment allows to create users in the system with individual access management or to apply users from the Windows domain or local PC
Network environment Runs in Windows networks basing on TCP/IP
Fields of application Analytical HPLC, preparative HPLC, GC
Supported instruments all currently offered KNAUER devices are supported from the KNAUER drivers for OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition, drivers and licenses from many other manufacturers als available
Instrument connection supports RS-232, Ethernet, A/D-D/A interface
Recommended PC hardware Workstation or Client: Pentium 3 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 160 GB hard disk, separate graphics card if one PC should control more than one system; Shared Services Server: Pentium 3 GHz, 4/6 GB RAM (32/64 bit), 160 GB hard disk
Graphics capabilities Multiple chromatogram view and overlay, PDA view, arrange all open windows
Integration Real-time analysis of peaks, automatic or manual integration and baseline correction
Calculation types with/without calibration (int./ext. standard method)
Security and GLP software verification report, declaration of software validation, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 conformance, validation of integration, audit trail
Instrument control method-based instrument control, Instrument status display and Direct-Control mode, Direct Control can also be enabled for a run
Calibration several types of calibration curves, unlimited number of levels, several reference and ISTD peaks possible, groups, unlimited number of standards (peaks), LOD, LOQ
Chromatogram operations Overlay view, mathematical operations and smoothing
Automation Sequences, Run Queue allows submitting of single runs and/or sequences, automatic launch of selected commands, user programs or applications if the data acqusition is finished, post run, batch
Presentation of results different report templates available, method custom report and advanced reports for individual reports, new Intelligent Reporter allows for creating complex reports in a drag-and-drop editor with pre-configured tables, graphics and matrices, results can be shown in chromatogram
Calculations mathematical operations and smoothing, column performance calculations USP, DAB…
Data import and export ASCII, ANDI (AIA) standard, OLE, ODBC
Special features Direct Control during a run, pretreatment, stacked injection

Additional options/extensions

FRC option always included, for preparative HPLC, adds tools for detector controlled fraction collection, solvent and peak recycling
FRC features fractionation can be controlled by time (volume), level, slope including AND/OR combination of these criteria, spectra comparison, local maximum and local minimum, slices, full manual control of fractionation during a run
PDA option 3D chromatogram, peak purity analysis, spectrum search in self-made or commercial spectra library
GPC/SEC option license is discontinued
System suitability test license always included, automates the calculation of system suitability parameters for system validation

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