KNAUER's monitoring and control software for AZURA® LC devices and systems

The hand-held Mobile Control (Chrom) allows a complete overview of all devices of the AZURA systems on one screen. Remotely check important parameters or control and monitor devices. The touch screen interface facilitates navigation using just your fingers. Choose Mobile Control as a basic, easy-to-use and cost-effective software solution! ​

Mobile Control provides full access to AZURA devices. Change device settings, set operating parameters, automate device control or check the system status and GLP data… Mobile Control features all functionalities of a device display.

Do you want to acquire data without the  overhead of an advanced chromatographic data system?

Mobile Control Chrom features data acquisition from AZURA detectors in addition to full device control.

What is new in version 5.5.36?

We have released the new version of our award-winning software Mobile Control.
Convince yourself and test our full-featured trial version now.

  • P 6.1L isocratic with solvent selection valve supported
  • Interactive queue and history for better accessibility of data
  • Do not stop pump in case of disconnection of devices
  • AS 6.1L - support of 100 µl syringe volume
  • UVD 2.1S - support of further analog out scales
  • New devices: Valve drive VU 4.1 and Assistant ASM 2.2L supported
  • AS 6.1L support 30 vials tray
  • Interactive queue and history for better accessibility of data
  • Duplicate input facilitates the virtual keyboard entry
  • Show gradient composition as varicolored background of chromatogram
  • Optional second y-axis of chromatogram in Mobile Control & Data Viewer
  • Select multiple programs for editing, exporting or deleting
  • Support of Autosampler as standalone device/ Allow to start programs with first line only
  • Enable autozero and valve switching during program run
  • Allow instrument Power Up and stop pumps in Monitor Mode
  • general improvements of user interface
  • Sort program by date/name
  • Redesigned reports
  • Reports are saved in Results folder
  • Allow flipped landscape rotation


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