Monitoring and control software for devices and systems NEW: LNP license - for formulation of lipid nanoparticles

The hand-held Mobile Control allows a complete overview of all devices of the AZURA systems on one screen. Remotely check important parameters or control and monitor devices. The touch screen interface facilitates navigation using just your fingers. Choose Mobile Control as a basic, easy-to-use and cost-effective software solution! ​

Mobile Control Display provides full access to devices. Change device settings, set operating parameters or check the system status and GLP data.
Mobile Control Data features data acquisition of pump and detector traces in addition to full device control.
Mobile Control FRC features a fraction collection option for simple preparative applications.
Mobile Control LNP features a predefined method structure and ready-to-use workflow for easy formulation.

What is new ?

We have released the new version of our software Mobile Control.
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Display, Data, FRC license 
v6.0.X - A9610, A9612, A96131, A9607, A9608, A96132, A9614, A96141 

  • Fraction collection option – time, volume, threshold based – A96131, A96132
  • New devices: Foxy R1/ R2, Vario-4000/ Plus, P 8.1L, 40D, 50D, 40P, 80P
  • Live Traces – Traces are displayed beyond a running method
  • Variables for method parameters
  • Direct Control during a running method
  • Eluent Control
  • Manual Integration in Data Viewer
  • Do not stop pumps in case of disconnection
  • Column Management
  • System pressure sets a maximum pressure for the whole system
  • Export of X- and Y-values of traces
  • HTML graph export as vector graphic
  • Start of run setting: Skip autosampler injection
  • Logs in report
  • Widget View designed for better reading if you operate a big number of devices
  • Global standby button for the whole system
  • Single installer for Mobile Control and Data Viewer
  • Monitor Mode is no longer supported due to technical reasons
LNP license 
v6.2.X- A96133, A96134
  • LNP formulation with intuitive user interface
  • Fast system startup and minimal teach-in period
  • Predefined method structure and writing with familiar LNP parameters
  • Ready-to-use workflow for easy formulation
  • Tablet or workstation - Choose your own footprint


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