AZURA® SMB Pilot ‒ The all in one multi-column system solution

The AZURA Pilot SMB System is optimized for the separation of binary mixtures in gram to kilogram-scale. As with the AZURA Pilot SMB System special emphasis is put on the continuous operation mode and high productivity. The SMB standard configuration consists of four BlueShadow Pump 80P and seven multiposition valves integrated into four AZURA Assistans ASM 2.2L. Four CORI-Flow M14 flowmeters are integrated in the system for monitoring the flow rates of all zones. Our user friendly software PurityChrom® MCC and the required IT hardware are included too. Referring to the special needs of every separation, the SMB system can be freely configured (e.g. closed-loop, open-loop) and is upgradable (e.g. detector, flow meter). A maximum pressure up to 100 bar (eight columns) is possible. Depending on your application the columns can be heated or cooled to ensure the perfect and most constant separation conditions. 

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