• Eurospher II 100 HILIC
  • Eurospher II 100 HILIC

    Based on ultra-pure Silica gel zwitterionic HILIC phases are ideal for the analysis of polar and ionizable compounds. Stronger interaction of more polar compounds with stationary aqueous layer 
    Faster elution of nonpolar compounds is possible due to minor hydrophobic interactions. Retention increases with the charge of the analyte.

    Recommended for the analysis of hydrophilic compounds like:

    • Polar organic acids and bases
    • Natural polar compounds
    • Nucleosides
    • Oligonucleotides
    • Amino acids
    • Peptides
    • Water soluble vitamins

    Ultra pure, spherical high performance HPLC phase based on silica gel. Zwitterionic modification: Ammonium – sulfonic acid, 7 % carbon content


    Separation mechanism: Hydrophilic and weak electrostatic interactions

    Key features

    Modern HILIC phase with zwitterionic modification on the basis of ammonium- sulfonic acid outstanding mechanical and chemical stability

    Technical Data

    HILIC phase based on ultra-pure silica gel (purity > 99 %), metal content < 10 ppm, pH-stability 2 - 8, pore size 100 A, particle size 3 μm and 5 μm

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