• Applichrom ABOA DMAc-phil
  • Applichrom ABOA DMAc-phil Columns
  • Applichrom ABOA DMAc-phil


    • Organic polymer base material of high porosity for high resolution
    • Wide range of porosities and particle sizes
    • Excellent reproducibility
    • High purity for eliminating adsorptive effects and get pure GPC combined with high livetime
    • GPC range of 100-1.000.000Da
    • Applications: PMMA, PAN, cellulose, DMF and DMAc soluble polymers

  • Applichrom ABOA DMAc-phil Columns

    AppliChrom ABOA DMAc-PHIL-P Porosity Separation Range Column dimensions Order No.
    AppliChrom ABOA DMAC-Phil-P-100 100-2.500Da 300 x 8 mm 30GE46DABN
    50 x 8 mm precolumn 05GE46DABN
    AppliChrom ABOA DMAC-Phil-P-200 100-20.000Da 300 x 8 mm 30GH46DABN
    50 x 8 mm precolumn 05GH46DABN
    AppliChrom ABOA DMAC-Phil-P-250 100-70.000Da 300 x 8 mm 30GJ46DABN
    50 x 8 mm precolumn 05GJ46DABN
    AppliChrom ABOA DMAC-Phil-P-300 1.000-300kDa 300 x 8 mm 30GK46DABN
    50 x 8 mm precolumn 05GK46DABN
    AppliChrom ABOA DMAC-Phil-P-350 1.000-1.000kDa 300 x 8 mm 30GN46DABN
    50 x 8 mm precolumn 05GN46DABN
    AppliChrom ABOA DMAC-Phil-P-400 10kDa-10.000kDa 300 x 8 mm 30GT46DABN
    50 x 8 mm precolumn 05GT46DABN
    AppliChrom ABOA DMAC-Phil-P-M 100Da->10.000kDa 300 x 8 mm 30GW46DABN
    50 x 8 mm precolumn 05GW46DABN

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