Which flow cell volume is appropriate according to the column inner diameter?

To achieve the best results and avoid peak broadening it is recommendable to work with the lowest dead volume combination of flow cell and column. KNAUER offers analytical and preperative flow cells. UHPLC flow cells with 2µl (10mm), analytical either 10µl (10mm) or 2µl (3mm). Preperative flow cells are available with 1.7µl or 3µl (0.5mm). The flow cell with shorter pathway and smaller cell volume will achieve sharp peaks because of minimized dead volume. Using a flow cell with a greater layer thickness makes your detection more sensitive. The right flow rate depends on column dimension and of course on the application. The smaller the chosen flow rate, the more influence the dead volume will have. The following flow rates are typical guiding values for a 5 µm particle size material: ID 2mm flow 0.15ml/min-0,5ml/min, ID 3mm flow 0.6ml/min, ID 4+4.6mm flow 0.8ml/min-2.0ml/min, ID 8mm 2.0ml/min-4.0ml/min.

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