Sepapure FF Ni-NTA 1 ml, for His-tag purification

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Article No.: 010X39FPSZ
Articlename: Sepapure FF Ni-NTA 1 ml, for His-tag purification

Sepapure FF Ni-NTA 1 ml, for His-tag purification

Prepacked 1 ml, 100 µm, 3 bar

Based on porous and stable cross-linked beaded agaroses, Sepapure AC phases offer a robust platform for repeated purification cycles. By careful engineering of the linker chemistry used to immobilize the active ligand to the bead, Sepapure AC phases may
be used for repeated purification cycles – making high-end affinity separation a more affordable approach to your separation methodology.

Technical Data

Separation column

Brand Sepapure®
Modification Ni-NTA
Special characteristics for His-tag purification
Base material Agarose
Particle size 100 µm
Binding capacity > 40 mg/ml
Length [mm] 25
Inner diameter [mm] 8
Connection Inlet 10 - 32 (1/16'') female / Outlet 10 - 32 (1/16'') male
Recommended pH range 3 - 12
Pressure rating 3 bar

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