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Latest KNAUER liquid chromatography systems at ACHEMA 2018

Without doubt ACHEMA is the world forum and leading trade show for the process industry. It is taking place in Frankfurt from June 11 – 15, 2018 for the 32nd time. The Berlin based manufacturer of liquid chromatography equipment KNAUER will be showcasing their latest systems and devices.

Purification highlights

The highlights include the AZURA® Bio Purification solutions, which provide a flexible platform for fast cleaning of proteins and other biomolecules. FPLC methods like AC, SEC, IEC, and more are supported by these instruments. The fully modular design allows adaption to any application’s needs. The KNAUER systems feature a high precision buffer supply, available with online degassing of the buffer to avoid bubble formation and to keep oxygen levels low. Detection systems can be selected according to the product molecules. Even mass-directed purification is offered.

The next level in purification capacity and efficiency are continuous chromatography solutions like the AZURA® SMB system. With its multi-column chromatography technology, it is possible to use the stationary phase of the separation columns much more efficiently than in batch chromatography. Due to the recycling principle of the process, an optimization of the desired product regarding both yield and purity is possible. The sample is less diluted than in batch chromatography and as a side-effect, up to 90% of the mobile phase can be saved. The AZURA SMB is a flexible system, applicable not just for simulated moving bed chromatography.

For a deeper understanding of the SMB topic, visitors can join purification specialist Dr. Matthias Lübbert at the CMF Congress Center in room Conclusio 1. On Tuesday June 12, 2018 at 16:30 h he will talk about the applications of simulated moving bed chromatography.

And more

Also on display will be KNAUER’s AZURA® Analytical HPLC and UHPLC platform. This adaptable line of liquid chromatography instruments can be used for all kinds of analytical HPLC applications in research, quality monitoring, and environmental testing. Like the other AZURA devices, these analytical systems can be upgraded at any time.

KNAUER will show many more products at the booth and be ready to discuss about user’s applications and solutions. Daily get-togethers starting from 17:30 pm invite to talk to other users of KNAUER instruments and with the company’s experts.

Visit KNAUER in hall 4.1 at booth H8




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