15.03.2019 | KNAUER NEWS

KNAUER introduces new liquid chromatography columns and media for protein purification

The new Sepapure® columns and media represent high-quality alternatives for common protein purification tasks like size-exclusion (SEC), affinity (AC) and ion-exchange (IEX) chromatography.

Sepapure FPLC columns come as prepacked ready-to-use 1 ml or 5 ml cartridges and can also be purchased as bulk material. The media for affinity as well as ion-exchange chromatography are based on agarose, which is well-known in FPLC chromatography.
For affinity chromatography the agarose solid phase is functionalized with ligands for the purification of recombinantly expressed proteins with either His- or GST-tags. Antibodies can be purified via Protein A or Protein G affinity. The ion-exchange columns can be purchased as weak and strong anion or cation exchangers. The basis of our Sepapure desalting column is dextran with a 5 kDa exclusion limit, which reliably separates small molecules and salts from the larger valuable proteins.
KNAUER Sepapure columns are made to fit perfectly with AZURA FPLC systems but can also be used with most other FPLC systems on the market.

Learn more about the new FPLC columns at www.knauer.net/sepapure

KNAUER has over 56 years of experience in developing and manufacturing scientific instruments. Providing labs with equipment that fits the user’s needs has always been the main goal of the family-owned business. The company’s LC systems for protein purification are known for high precision, robustness, and scalability due to a modular design. KNAUER is an ISO 9001 certified company with strict manufacturing and process reliability for highest quality "Made in Germany". Environmental protection is an important concern of the company. Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001, green electricity and its own solar power plant are just a few examples.


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