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KNAUER's top-selling HPLC systems now ACT Ecolabel certified

Berlin, July 2024: The environmental impact of KNAUER's top-selling HPLC systems has now been evaluated by My Green Lab with the assignment of its ACT Ecolabel.

My Green Lab's ACT Environmental Impact Factor Ecolabel provides scientists and purchasing professionals with third-party verified information on the environmental impact of laboratory products. To date more than 1300 laboratory product are in the ACT database.

KNAUER has now also subjected its best-selling HPLC systems to this assessment and is very happy with the results because the environmental impact factors (ACT-EIF) are the lowest compared to any other product currently (July 2024) in the ACT database — implying its products set a new benchmark for sustainability in the industry. The instruments’ energy-efficient design, sustainable production, and years of efforts to create short and resilient supply chains are paying off.

There are three different labels for each of the evaluated products, depending on the region it is delivered to (US/EU/UK), because the shipping impact is also calculated.

The KNAUER AZURA 862 bar HPLC system with diode array detection scored an ACT-EIF of 13.3 for the EU labels and the AZURA 862 bar HPLC system with refractive index detection scored even lower at an ACT-EIF of 12.5 only for the same region.

The ACT-EIFs for the US labels were 21.8 for the DAD version and 21.0 for the RID version respectively.

"The longer a system is in use, the less environmental impact does its shipping have. That's why we put a lot of effort not just into sustainable operation, but also in the longevity and repairability of our instruments.", says Kate Monks, Head of Quality & Regulatory.

KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH develops and manufactures high-tech laboratory instruments, e.g. HPLC systems, that can be used to perform analyses or to purify value substances such as active pharmaceutical ingredients. The sales network spans over 70 countries. Alexandra Knauer, who manages the company together with Carsten Losch, attaches great importance to corporate responsibility both towards its 200 employees and towards the environment and society. More about KNAUER at www.knauer.net

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