How should I store my HPLC column?

The right storage of a column is an important requirement for saving the column life time.

Silica-based normal phase columns should be stored with heptane or another inert solvent.

Reversed phase columns are best stored in mixtures of organic compounds (acetonitril, methanol) and water, where the water content must not be higher than 50%. When using buffered mobile phases it is necessary to flush the silica-based column with pure solvents to avoid precipitation of buffer salt.

After usage all columns have to be plugged to avoid the stationary phase to dry out. Ambient tempartures of 18°C-26°C are convenient for a typical silica column.

Polymer columns, like Eurokat, have to be kept cool (4°C) because they are operated organic solvent free. Furthermore a modifier (< 10%) can be added to the mobile phase to inhibit bacterial growth.

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