29.11.2017 | KNAUER NEWS

Finalist at the Future Health Economy award

On 21 November 2017, KNAUER was able to compete in the "Future Health Prize" competition in Berlin against 7 other applicants with "Software Mobile Control".

The authorized signatory and expert Ms. Anke Bördgen spoke during her seven-minute presentation to the jury and guests about the advantages and perspectives of Mobile Control. Later that evening, the decision was announced. The festive event, award ceremony and prize money were held for the tenth time this year and funded by the "Club of the Healthcare Industry".

Analytical techniques such as high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC technology) are used worldwide for quality control. The HPLC technique is very complex and requires special software for operation. KNAUER has developed a simple HPLC control software that is unique: the Mobile Control. The Mobile Control runs on a tablet and shows the user all important current HPLC information. In addition, HPLC with Mobile Control is much cheaper to buy - affordable HPLC analysis for worldwide use. HPLC systems with Mobile Control can be financed in countries with little money for necessary analysis technology. No expert is needed for the operation. As a result, quality control of food or environmental analysis can be carried out in more laboratories worldwide. The quality and purity of products can be reliably measured by measurements, if possible even before they are placed on the market.

The Mobile Control is a proprietary development of the company KNAUER. The Berlin-based family-owned company can look back on 55 years of corporate history and is one of the pioneers of HPLC in Germany. The ISO 9001 certified company stands for the highest quality "Made in Germany" with its strict manufacturing and process reliability.

"I am incredibly impressed by Anke Bördgen and her professional presentation. This shows once again how important our Mobile Control is for our company. We are doing good and forward-looking and innovative!", says Managing director Alexandra Knauer, who also speaks for her 135 employees. The KNAUER colleagues are proud that Mobile Control has made it into the top 7.


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