Discontinued: Smartline Fraction Collector 3050

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Article No.: A53712
Articlename: Discontinued: Smartline Fraction Collector 3050

Discontinued: Smartline Fraction Collector 3050

analytical version up to 5 ml/min with diverter valve and cooling

Technical Data

Fraction collection

Max. flow rate 0.1–5 ml/min
Maximum operation pressure 3 bar
Diverter valve 3 way valve
Switching time 100 ms
Delay volume 40 µl
Maximum test tube height 48 mm
Rack compatibility 4 x 96 deep well plates, 4 x 96 deep well plates 4 racks with 48 vials (1.5 ml), 4 racks with 24 Falcon tubes á 15 ml *


Control LAN, RS-232
Trigger source all instruments supported by ChromGate® or ClarityChrom® Prep

Technical parameters

Special features cool option
Ambient conditions 4–55 °C, 95 % humidity


Power supply 90–260 V, 47–63 Hz, max. 70 VA
Dimensions 226 x 225 x 420 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 6.7 kg


Note * All simultaneously used racks should be of the same type.

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