Determination of Amines in wine with precolumn derivatization (DANSYL)

Application No.: VFD0025J

Determination of Amines in wine with precolumn derivatization (DANSYL)

Biogenic amines are a class of small, nitrogen-containing organic compounds. The term biogenic refers to the ability of these compounds to induce physiological change. They are formed by the enzymatic decarboxylation of naturally occurring amino acids and are formed at low levels within living cells.

Technical Data


Method HPLC

Separation conditions

Mode RP
Substances Ethanolamine, Ammonia, Methylamine, Serotonin, Ethylamine, Morpholine, Isopropylamine, Dimethylamine, Propylamine, Pyrrolidine, Pyrrolidone, Octopamine, Indole, Butylamine, Diethylamine, Phenethylamine, Methylbutylamine, Isopentylamine, Pentylamine, Piperidine, Diaminopropane, Diaminobutane, Hexylamine, Diaminopentane, Histamine
Key words Amines, Precolumn derivatization, DANSYL, wine
CAS number 141-43-5, 1336-21-6, 74-89-5, 50-67-9, 75-04-7,110-91-8, 75-31-0, 124-40-3, 107-10-8, 123-75-1, 616-45-5, 770-05-8, 120-72-9, 109-73-9, 109-89-7, 64-04-0, 96-15-1, 107-85-7, 110-58-7, 110-89-4, 109-76-2,110-60-1, 111-26-2, 462-94-2, 51-45-6

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