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Article No.: APG20FB

Compact HPLC pump with 50 ml/min pump head, ceramic

The AZURA pump P 4.1S (APG20FB) is developed for the eluent delivery with flow rates up to 50 ml/min and a maximum delivery pressure of 150 bar. This compact pump can easily be integrated into every HPLC system. It can be used as a small HPLC pump, an injection module or dosing pump.


This device variant is the bio-inert version with a pump head made of ceramic.


The recommended range for continuous operation ist from 3 to 25 ml/min with a flow rate increment of 0.01 ml/min.

Technical Data

General Information

Max. flow rate 50 ml/min
Flow rate range 0.01−50 ml/min
Flow rate increment 0.01
Maximum delivery pressure [psi] 2180 psi
Maximum delivery pressure [bar] 150 bar
Maximum delivery pressure [MPa] 15 MPa
Pump head materials Ceramic
Maximum viscosity 100 cp
Liquid temperature range 4−60 °C (39.2−140 °F)
Gradient Isocratic
Leak management no
Wetted materials GFP (graphite fiber reinforced PTFE), Titanium, sapphire, ruby, aluminum oxide (Al2O3), ceramic, FKM, PEEK, Zirconium oxide
Note Pressure sensor membrane made of stainless steel; limited wetting in fluidic path

Detailed information

Best working conditions 1.0−40.0 ml/min
Continuous working conditions 3−25 ml/min
Pump type Ultra-compact high pressure pump
Pulsation compensation no
Active piston seal wash no
Piston seal washing yes
System protection
  • Pmin and Pmax adjustable
  • Imin and Imax adjustable
Pump head inlet (standard) 1/4"-28 UNF (flat bottom)
Pump head outlet (standard) 10−32 UNF (coned)


Interfaces display
Control RS-232; analog; button on device
Analog inputs 0−10V


Power supply 100−240 V; 50−60 Hz
Dimensions 121 x 129 x 220 mm
Weight 2.3 kg
Leak sensor no
Ambient conditions temperature range: 10–40 °C; 50–104 °F
air humidity: below 90 % humidity (non condensing)

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