Find the right tool kit for your HPLC system

Which tool kit do I need for my HPLC system?

The tool kit A1033 is made for systems with PEEK capillaries or for users that only use pre-cut stainless steel capillaries like K-Connect. Therefore, only a cutter for PEEK capillaries and tubing is included.

The tool kit A1033-1 is made for systems with 1/16” stainless steel capillaries and systems with a mix of stainless steel and PEEK capillaries. Therefore, cutters for both types of capillaries are included and additionally a capillary grater.

Do not mix these kits up with the tool kit A1033-2 that is made only for systems with 1/8” stainless steel capillaries, where also a tube bender and larger cutter is needed.

What is included in the tool kits?

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