Dr.-Ing. Herbert Knauer and his wife Roswitha founded the Company and offers an universal temperature measuring device and an electronic freezing point osmometer/cryoscopy device for determining molecular weights.


At Leipzig Trade Fair in East Germany, Knauer is honored with a gold medal. This opened the east European market for vapor pressure osmometers for the company.

Dr. Ing. Herbert Knauer & Roswitha Knauer at a trade show in the 1970s


KNAUER develops new instruments and columns for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). The new company headquarters is completed in 1974.


Knauer presented HPLC instruments in modular format and they quickly become well-known for their outstanding flexibility. Biggest selling product is the Pump-64.


KNAUER refill columms from 1978

Knauer offers HPLC columns with inner diameters ranging from 2 to 32 mm. In addition, a numerous assortment of column materials, the know-how for filling columns and application development.


Introduction of a complete range of products for preparative chromatography.


Alexandra Knauer, daughter of the company’s founder, is appointed General Manager and begins managing the company in close collaboration with her father.


Development of the smallest SMB system in the world for preparative continuous chromatography – used for the separation of two-component mixtures, such as chiral products.

The worlds smalles SMB system from KNAUER in 1996


The WellChrom HPLC line, one of the most compact HPLC systems on the market with a scanning UV detector is launched.


Alexandra Knauer becomes sole owner of the company.


Starting in 2001, production is increasingly moved in-house to ensure quality and improve flexibility. The vision of the innovation department: detectors with fiber optics.


Introduction of the modern Smartline HPLC series with a diode array detector.

Introducing Smartline in 2003


The Smartline Assistant can take over a variety of tasks such as sample preparation, sample injection or fraction collection.


PLATINblue, the new modular system for UHPLC features an pressure range of up to 1000 bar with a data acquisition rate of up to 200 Hz, matching UHPLC columns and a compact LC/MS- solution are also in the program.


New product line for OEM customers with HPLC and non-HPLC applications and Bioline, a bio-chromatography system are developed.


Alexandra Knauer wins the prestigious "Prix Veuve Clicquot" as female entrepreneur of the year in Germany and Knauer wins an award for being one of the most family-friendly companies in Berlin-Brandenburg.


The new product line AZURA with the flagship AZURA Prep LC which includes numerous modules and new axially compressible columns was presented.


Knauer receives the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg 2013 for its purification system Contichrom.


The new product line AZURA Analytical HPLC has many, greatly improved. AZURA Mobile Control makes it possible to control devices from a tablet.


Introduction of the new AZURA Bio LC Systems for FPLC-Applications. Typical areas of use are the purification of proteins and nucleic acids.


Knauer receives the Quality Award Berlin-Brandenburg and the Application Award 2016 in the food analysis category of the specialist magazine “Laborpraxis” for the quality of its products.


The Berlin-based laboratory equipment manufacturer KNAUER celebrates its 55th anniversary and awards a science prize worth 25,000 US dollars


Berlin entrepreneur Alexandra Knauer received the VICTRESS Succession Award 2018


In the study "Leading Employers Germany 2019", the Berlin-based manufacturer of high-tech laboratory measuring instruments KNAUER was ranked as one of the best employers for the second time.

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