28. - 31.03.2022 | 10:00 - 18:00 | Berlin, Germany | Trade Show

7th BioProScale Symposium 2022

The 7th Bioprocessing Symposium is back!

The 7th BioProScale symposium will be taking place this year in person, following a digital event last year. 

The event will be covering everything in the world of Bioprocessing - from scale-up to scale-down and the role automatisation can play in improving processes. Talks will be given by Steffen Panzner, BioNTech Delivery Technologies, on the large scale production of mRNA vaccines (one of our favourite topics as our IJM NanoProducer Units are made to do exactly this!) alongside talks from researchers on diverse topics such as reactor optimisation, fungal biotechnology and continuous bio-succinic acid production.

When it comes to topics like these of course KNAUER is going to be there! A team of our Experts - Anja Dürasch, Ulrike Krop und Corinna Pfeiffer will all be on hand to discuss our solutions for the biotech industry. So, if you want to know more about our lipid nanoparticle producing Impingement Jets Mixing (IJM) technology, how FPLC can help you purify important proteins or how our SMB systems can be used for the continous production of key compounds then you are in the right place!  




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Luisenstraße 58/59, 10117 Berlin
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