Sepapure CM FF6 5 ml, weak anion exchange

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Article No.: 020X15QSPZ
Articlename: Sepapure CM FF6 5 ml, weak anion exchange

FPLC catridge for weak anion exchange chromatography CM FF6 5 ml

Designed for your protein purification, the alternative from Germany guarantees a long lifetime and robustness in the lab.

Prepacked cartridge with 5 ml column volume. Based on porous and stable cross-linked beaded agaroses, Sepapure offers a robust platform for both small and large-scale applications and is utilized for a wide variety of separation techniques. The Sepapure IEX solid phases are centered around particle sizes of 100 μm.

Technical Data

Separation column

Brand Sepapure®
Modification CM FF6
Special characteristics weak cation exchange
Base material Agarose
Ion capacity < 0.12 mmol/ml
Binding capacity n/a
Particle size 100 µm
Length [mm] 25
Inner diameter [mm] 16
Connection Inlet 10 - 32 (1/16'') female / Outlet 10 - 32 (1/16'') male
Recommended pH range 3 - 9
Pressure rating 3 bar

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