Preventive Maintenance Kit Autosampler

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Article No.: A5009-1
Articlename: Preventive Maintenance Kit Autosampler

Preventive Maintenance Kit Autosampler

for AS 6.1L/3950 (1240 bar/1000 bar)

The Preventive Maintenance Kit is suited for the following Autosamplers:
AS 6.1L (1240 bar): AAA10AA & AAA11AA
3950 (1000 bar): A50060, A500601, A50070 & A500701
The kit includes:
  • sample needle with tubing (15 µl)
  • Air needle (62 mm)
  • Rotor seal (1240 bar, Vespel)
  • Buffer tubing (500 µl)
  • Syringe (250 µl)
  • Syringe valve
  • Wash position

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