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Article No.: A0840-2
Articlename: Measuring head

Measuring head

The measuring head for plastic sampe tubes was advanced and optimized for the K-7400S Semi-Micro Osmometer. Thanks to this, measurements with higher precision and reproducibility are possible. Additionally, the use of special plastic sample tubes allows smaller sample volumes down to 50 - 150 µl to be measured. These plastic sample tubes were tested by KNAUER and are highly recommended to achieve optimal results. Due to the higher performance of the new measuring head it replaces the former models for glass and plastic sample tubes (A0840 and A0840-1). Another advantage of the new measuring head is its downward compatibility with the Semi-Micro Osmometer K-7400. The modification of the instrument is easy and can be done by the user on its own. For the modification the Upgrade Kit A0011XB is needed.

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