Conductivity monitor mikron 81 with biocompatible flow cell

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Article No.: ADG61GD
Articlename: Mikron 81 with flow cell

Conductivity monitor mikron 81 with biocompatible flow cell

for up to 100 ml/min

The mikron 81 is a reliable in-line conductivity monitor with a very low footprint and measures with high linearity in the range from 0.002 to 500 mS/cm. Its cutting-edge temperature sensor technology enables highly precise automated temperature correction of the conductivity signal. The intelligent flow cell design allows for a broad flow rate regime from microliter to lower liter per minute scale. It comes pre-calibrated and ready-to-use with all accessories needed.


Common applications

  • Monitoring salt gradients in FPLC systems
  • Cleaning-in-place monitoring in process plants and skids
  • Value-based triggering within a flow system
  • Upscaling (eg. from 1 ml/min to 1 l/min)

Ask our support (support@knauer.net) for driver scripts to work without CDS.


Order recommendation

ADG61GD is optimized to monitor low conductivity values down to 2 µS/cm in a small cavity - the ideal choice for low flow applications and ion sensitive components.

ADG61GE is optimized to monitor high conductivity values of up to 500 mS/cm with a low back pressure design - the ideal choice for high flow FPLC applications and highly viscous solutions.


Scope of delivery

ADG61GD and ADG61GE, respectively comes with;

  • Mounting bracked incl. screws for installation to an AZURA L module (ADG6101)
  • 3 m cable for direct connection to a USB-A port of a PC (part of ADG6102)
  • User manual in four languages (EN, GE, FR, ES) (part of ADG6102)
  • Fittings and ferrules to connect either 1/16" or 1/8" OD tubing (FZG10)

Technical Data

Flow cell

Flow cell type Conductivity flow cell
Body material Titanium
Biocompatible Yes
Capillary connection UNF 1/4-28, flat bottom
Wetted materials Titanium, PEEK
Flow cell volume 11 µl
Max. flow rate 100 ml/min
Maximum pressure Max. 171 bar (depending on utilized ferrule and fitting, see linked FAQ)
Back pressure < 0.1 bar at 100 ml/min, ~1 bar at 500 ml/min (water, room temperature)
Note Color code: blue. 50 cm-1 nominal cell constant


Detector type Conductivity monitor
Sensor Conductivity and temperature
Measurement accuracy Conductivity: ± 2 % or ± 2 mS/cm (whatever is greater)
Temperature: ± 0.2 °C
Measurement precision Conductivity: ± 0.2 % or ± 0.2 mS/cm (whatever is greater)
Temperature: ± 0.1 °C
(determined for 1-250 mS/cm)
Measurement range 0.010 - 300 mS/cm (linear), 0.010 - 500 mS/cm (display)
Linearity < 2 % full scale value (0.010 - 500 mS/cm)
pH measurement None
Maximum data rate Conductivity: 10 Hz (variable in 1 Hz steps)
Temperature: 1 Hz (fixed)
Wetted materials Titanium, PEEK
Max. flow rate 100 ml/min


D/A conversion None
Analog inputs None
Analog outputs None
Digital inputs Via hyperterminal
Digital outputs Via hyperterminal
Digital control and output Via PurityChrom or ClarityChrom
Interfaces via USB-C

Technical parameters

Special features Free of charge calibration software (see below)
GLP Serial number
Firmware version
Number of switching cycles
Operating hours
Date of last maintenance by customer service
Date of last validity check
Conformity CE, UKCA
For wetted parts: EN 10204-3.1, USP Class VI, ADI-free
Display None
Ambient conditions Operating temperature: 3 – 45°C, 37.4 – 113°F
Relative humidity: 0 – 90 %, non condensing


Power supply Max. 5 V via USB connection (max. 500 mA, max. 2.5 W power uptake)
Dimensions 32 x 83 mm (Diameter x Length)
Weight 95 g (monitor + flow cell)


Optional accessories Adapters to connect 3/16" or 1/4" OD tubing (see linked FAQ)

Documents and more information

Certified Quality 

KNAUER is known for the quality of its products and has been certified several times. We produce high-tech laboratory instruments for research, routine analysis and production for 59 years.
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In addition, we have extended documentation about all our products, including CE Declarations of Conformity.
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