Determination of aflatoxins in cereal baby food samples

Applikationsnr.: VFD0182

Determination of aflatoxins in cereal baby food samples

From extraction to high efficient detection

Cultivation, drying and storage of cereals may contribute to the spread of molds,
which produce mycotoxins – toxic secondary metabolites. Their consumption can
lead to serious health damage. So it is inevitable to provide a simple, robust and exact
method for the analysis of mycotoxins in food, especially the most often occurring
aflatoxins to ensure consumer safety. In this application note the sample extraction for
processed cereals in baby food products as preparation for a highly sensitive HPLC
method is described.

Technische Daten


Methode HPLC
Probe baby food: baby rusk and baby puree
Trennsäule SPE C18


Modus RP
Schlüsselwörter Aflatoxins B1, G1, B2, G2, SPE, sample preparation, baby food

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