Simultaneous sampling of two product streams

Applikationsnr.: VTN0012

Simultaneous sampling of two product streams


During preparative HPLC method development, frequent sampling is essential to evaluate the process and the efficiency of the parameter adaptations. This gets even more crucial during the development of complex simulated moving bed (SMB) methods. During the optimisation of an SMB method to separate caffeine and paracetamol, an 8-port two-position valve was implemented to collect simultaneously samples from extract and raffinate. This improves the sampling process considerably. 

Technische Daten


Methode SMB
Modus RP
Substanzen Caffeine, paracetamol
Schlüsselwörter Simulated moving bed, SMB, simultaneous sampling, caffeine, paracetamol
CAS Nummer Paracetamol: CAS 103-90-2; Caffeine: CAS 58-08-2
Version 1 / 02-2021

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