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02 Nov
Flow Chemistry Congress 2016

6th Flow Chemistry Congress in Miami, USA

22 Nov
NOVIA-Analytiktage 2016

Die Veranstaltungen für Anwender in der Analytik - InNOVIAtive Wege für Ihre berufliche …

Save time with easy isocratic FPLC applications

Run parallel FPLC methods in your lab: use the AZURA Compact Bio LC system for time consuming SEC methods without blocking your valuable standard system.



No matter if sensitive UHPLC analysis or HPLC purification...

... the column is the heart of every HPLC system.


Powerful and robust stationary phases and column hardware for more than 40 years. 


Find here your HPLC column by separation task or chromatographic properties.

Click here if you prefer searching your separation column by brand or for other application ranges like FPLC and preparative HPLC.

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