LC Docking station
for pumps, valves and detectors

With more than 4000 module combinations you will find the perfect configuration for your LC. The docking station can be customized with up to three compact devices. Choose the properties you want to get your perfect Assistant ASM 2.2L for chromatography and beyond.

Choose from 15 different pumps with 10 or 50 ml pump heads and with or without pressure sensor. The material used is stainless steel, ceramic or Hastelloy C (for pumps without pressure sensors only).
Valve drive
The universal valve drive identifies valves via RFID technology and enables to read GLP data. All V 4.1 valves, independent of number of ports and position,  are supported.
UV detectors
The compact single wavelength UV detector is available in a basic and fibre optics version. The wavelength can be set between 190 - 500 nm.

Combine three plug-in LC modules in one housing

The plug-in modules can be easily removed by loosening four screws allowing the user to exchange modules in case of service within minutes. Likewise, the configuration of the LC system can be adapted to new requirements. Routine maintenance work e.g. replacing the lamp of a detector are easily performed by the user.

Depending on the integrated modules the ASM 2.2L fulfills many different tasks like eluent delivery, detection, sample and solvent selection, sample injection, column switching or fraction collection. An assistant including a pump, injection valve, and detector features a complete, compact chromatographic system. As a part of a larger system, the ASM 2.2L is extremely versatile in analytical, preparative and continuous liquid chromatography.

Available Plug-in modules

That's what the users say

" SMB chromatography is a HPLC technique for the separation of binary mixtures with high productivity and purity. The LC  device dock is an appropriate footprint to favorably arrange the pumps and valves in accordance with the SMB process. Second advantage: SMB chromatography stands for a continuous process. The concept of plug-in modules guarantees  short maintenance breaks. Since only a small part of the complex capillary construction has to be removed for the replacement of a module in case of service, the downtime of the system is reduced. An obvious benefit is the low space required for the high number of integrated devices."

Dr. Paul Pietsch, SMB Specialist

valve drive

UV detectors

pumps with pressure sensor

pumps without pressure sensor

Slots with no Plug-in modules

Detailed information

Previous version: ASM 2.1 L

Here, you will find all information about the LC Assistant ASM 2.1L.

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