product selection guide for OEm 

KNAUER OEM. Three Examples.

KNAUER OEM valves. Switch to a new dimension.

A valve gives your flow direction, it makes your system more flexible.
And it has to work hard – day and night. Any time without failure. Take original KNAUER valves as OEM. Because durability shall not be a promise only.

The most recent valve series is Diamond Carbon Coated and is available with 2, 6 or 8 positions, for injection and switching tasks, with wetted parts in stainless steel or PEEK. Manually or electrically driven.

KNAUER OEM. Your Product.

Choose from our wide range of high-pressure or dosing pumps, UV and non-UV detectors, and different valve types and sizes. Analytical, semi-preparative, high-quality steel, or bio-inert. With compatible tubings, fittings and software products. A dedicated OEM team is available for you throughout the complete process and supports you with expertise to find the best solution.
Whatever you choose, you will receive a high quality customized product with your label on top!

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