Fraction collectors Foxy and LABOCOL

Collect your valuable sample reliably. 



Foxy R1 and Foxy R2

The Fraction Collectors Foxy R1 and Foxy R2 can be used universally in research laboratories, for routine investigations, for analytical tasks, for semi-preparative separations and for bio compatible applications. The two-rack Foxy R2 fraction collector uses radio frequency identification to automatically detect collection racks for easy setup.

Software control

Foxy R1 and Foxy R2 can be controlled by chromatography software: PurityChrom and ClarityChrom Preparative include drivers for Foxy R1 and R2. OpenLAB licences include a Fraction Collection Control.

The Fraction collectors Foxy R1 and Foxy R2 feature:

  • sturdy cast aluminum frame
  • easy to use symbolic touch screen interface
  • built-in Ethernet and RS-232 communication capabilities
  • faster tube changes
  • μL delay volume between diverter valve and drop former
  • a large variety of racks and other accessories

Fraction collector specifications

Max. flow rateCapillary connectionsFraction coolingRack capacityRFID rack recognition

Foxy R1 (A59100)

Fraction Collector Foxy® R1

25 ml/min or 125 ml1/16" or 1/8"optional1no

Foxy R2  (A59102)

125 ml/min1/8"no2yes

Foxy R2  (A591021)

1000 ml/min1/4"no2yes

LABOCOL Vario-4000 fraction collectors

The LABOCOL Vario-4000 fraction collectors are characterized by their small dimensions combined with an optimal space utilization. The open system without limitation of the fractions and vessel sizes can be tailored to individual needs. The fraction collectors of the LABOCOL Vario-4000 series offer the corresponding program for each application and are flexible to handle. The versatile application possibilities make the Vario-4000 series ideal for use in research and development as well as in production. The individual Vario-4000 models differ in the base area and the flow rate range. A large variety of racks and other accessories is also available.