Fraction collectors: Foxy R1 and Foxy R2

The Fraction Collectors Foxy R1 and Foxy R2 can be used universally in research laboratories, for routine investigations, for analytical tasks, for semi-preparative separations and for bio compatible applications. The two-rack Foxy R2 fraction collector uses radio frequency identification to automatically detect collection racks for easy setup.

Software control

Foxy R1 and Foxy R2 can be controlled by chromatography software: PurityChrom and ClarityChrom Preparative include drivers for Foxy R1 and R2. OpenLAB licences include a Fraction Collection Control.

The Fraction collectors Foxy R1 and Foxy R2 feature:

  • sturdy cast aluminum frame
  • easy to use symbolic touch screen interface
  • built-in Ethernet and RS-232 communication capabilities
  • faster tube changes
  • μL delay volume between diverter valve and drop former
  • a large variety of racks and other accessories

Fraction collector specifications

Max. flow rateCapillary connectionsFraction coolingRack capacityRFID rack recognition

Foxy R1 (A59100)

Fraction Collector Foxy® R1

25 ml/min or 125 ml1/16" or 1/8"optional1no

Foxy R2  (A59102)

125 ml/min1/8"no2yes

Foxy R2  (A591021)

1000 ml/min1/4"no2yes