Variable wavelength detectors (UV/VIS)

UVD 2.1L variable wavelength detector

For reliable, cost-effective and routine analysis for a wide range of applications.




Multiple wavelength detectors (UV/VIS)

AZURA Detector MWD 2.1L

For fast, flexible and reliable analysis for a wide range of applications.

Diode array (DAD) detectors

AZURA DAD 6.1L, diode array detector

For highly accurate full spectra UV/VIS data acquisition allowing identification, quantification and peak purity determination.

Refractive index (RI) detectors

For cost-effective, fast and reliable analysis of non-UV absorbing compounds such as carbohydrates, hydrocarbons, lipids, and polymers.

Light scattering (ELSD) detectors

Light Scattering Detector Sedex 90LT for universal detection

For highly sensitive, rugged and gradient compatible analysis of non-UV absorbing compounds.

Conductivity and pH monitors

AZURA CM 2.1S for measurement of conductivity and optionally pH-value

For high precision mobile phase monitoring. 

Fluorescence (FL) detectors


For extremely sensitive and selective detection of trace-level components.

Radioactivity detectors

Radioflow Detector LB 513

For selective and sensitive detection of radiolabeled material.

Chiral detectors

Polarimetric Detector CHIRALYSER-MP

For selective and sensitive monitoring of optically active analytes. 

Electrochemical detectors

For sensitive, simple and convenient detection of oxidizable and reducible analytes.

Flow cells

Flow cell of AZURA DAD 6.1L, diode array detector

A wide range of different replacement flow cells for KNAUER detectors can be used for nearly every analytical or preparative separation task.


Find the right replacement lamp for your HPLC detector. 


Brochures and manuals for all KNAUER detectors.