Why the single run or sequence in ClarityChrom does not start after injection?

For a synchronous start of all devices, in ClarityChrom a device must be defined to receive the trigger/start input signal. The device must be defined in the system configuration. In the lower right corner of the configuration window the section "Data Inputs & Outputs" can be found. In "Ext. Start Dig. Input:" select as "Device" the device, which is connected to the injection system (either to manual injection valve or autosampler). The trigger cable must be connected to the Start and Ground pins of the selected device. If an autosampler is used, you also can select the sampler in "Device". In this case, no trigger cable must be connected; the software will detect via the status of the autosampler if an injection is made and start the run. As "Number" always select "1"; otherwise the trigger/start signal will not be detected.

If you use an A/D converter, as the KNAUER IFU 2.1, for the trigger/start input signal, also numbers 2, 3 and 4 are selectable. Select the number that corresponds with the channel number you have connected with the trigger cable. The Start input of the AZURA valve unifier VU 4.1 is not supported in ClarityChrom. If the VU 4.1 or the Virtual Detector is selected as device in "Ext. Start Dig. Input:", runs in a sequence will be started automatically if all devices report a "Ready" status.

In the method setup, on tab "Measurement", the option "External Start/Stop" must be enabled for detecting the trigger/start input signal.


Trouble Shooting

1. In ClarityChrom configuration, the correct device must be selected in "Ext. Start Dig. Input:"; "Number" must either be set to "1" or, in case of an A/D converter, to the number, corresponding to the used channel for trigger/start input signal.

2. In the method setup, tab Measurement, the option "External Start/Stop" must be enabled. Additionally, only start options "Start only" and "Down" must be enabled, other options may cause problems.

3. If a sequence is used, the sequence mode "Active" must be selected. This setting can be found in Sequence > Options.

4. In case a trigger cable is connected, the cable must be connected to Start and Ground of the selected device. For some devices, e.g. autosampler Spark Marathon, the cables for Start and Ground are different; make sure the correct cables are connected to Start pin and Ground pin.

5. The Start pin of the AZURA valve unifier VU 4.1 is not supported in ClarityChrom.

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