When do I use which flow cell for the ECD 2.1?

In general, there are 2 different types of flow cell design for the AZURA ECD 2.1:

The SenCell is a new generation electrochemical flow cell specifically designed for highest sensitivity. The tool-free assembly and the stepless adjustable working volume guarantee ease of use and fast stabilization. The volume of the cell is small and can be adjusted between 0 and 300 nL. The cell is ideally suited to run with applications covering normal-bore HPLC down to capillary UHPLC dimensions.

The name FlexCell is chosen since it emphasizes the versatility and serviceability of this thin-layer flow cell. With its unrivaled design working electrodes can be serviced or replaced in a few minutes. The low cost of ownership is attributed to the replacement of only the working electrode disc. The same holds for switching electrode material for different applications using the same flow cell. This makes the Flexcell suitable for all sorts of electrochemical analyses.

If a SenCell or a FlexCell is recommended depends on the user´s needs. Whenever the highest sensitivity is needed, the SenCell should be applied. When a more aggressive method is used and the elctrode might be exchanged more often, al FlexCell is recommended beause of the flexible design and the easily exchangable electrodes.

An example is the application for carbohydrates with pulsed amperometric detection (PAD):

  • For the more mild application of a 4- Step PAD method, we recommend the SenCell for most sensitive detection.
  • For more aggressive applications like a 3-Step PAD method, we recommend the FlexCell as working electrodes are 'consumed' fast by the method


All flow cells have a 3 electrode-design: the working electrode (WE), the auxiliary electrode (AUX) and the reference electrode (REF)

If you want to learn more about how the working principle, please have a look at the related FAQs: Why do you need three electrodes in ECD flow cells?


The most often used ECD 2.1 flow cells and their typical application fields are listed below:

Flow cell type Working electrode Reference electrode Order No.  Typical applications
SenCell 2 mm  Glassy Carbon (GC) Salt bridge (Ag/AgCl) A1652 DC mode for Catecholamines, standard flow cell
FlexCell  Au HyREF™ (Pd/H2) A1652-1 3-Step PAD for Carbohydrates
SenCell 2 mm  Glassy Carbon (GC) HyREF™ (Pd/H2) A1652-2 DC mode for Phenols, Polyphenols, Bisphenol A
SenCell 2 mm Au HyREF™ (Pd/H2) A1652-3 4-Step PAD for Carbohydrates

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