14.07.2020 | 11:00 - 12:00 | KNAUER online

Webinar in English: Dosing pumps for high pressure applications


Dosing pumps are an indispensable tool in the laboratory when it comes to the precise and reliable dosing of liquids and other materials. In this webinar we will discuss the main features of our dosing pumps and explain their specifications in detail. Based on the requirement profile we will go through the selection process of suitable pumps for the specific metering task. Based on a wide range of applications we will show you where these pumps are used. Finally, we invite you to discuss your specific questions about dosing, pumping and metering with us.

KNAUER is a well-known manufacturer of metering pumps for aqueous and organic liquids, aggressive media, or liquefied gases. Our high-precision two-piston pumps are used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in research and process development. The dosing pumps convince by high chemical resistance, excellent flow rate accuracy and low pulsation of the pumped medium in a wide range of applications.




In this webinar, Dr. Florian Glauche will be your host. He is your KNAUER expert for dosing pumps.


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