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Article No.: A59242
Articlename: VICI Safety Exhaust Filter

VICI Safety Exhaust Filter

VICI Safety Exhaust Filter filled with absorbent, fit any VICI cap or VICI safety cap

  • Prevents pollution of ambient air with volatile compounds
  • Large capacity and long lifetime
  • Break-through detector available, alerting users to saturation of the filter absorbent
  • Universal 1/4-28 connection - fit all VICI safety caps and VICI caps


The improved exhaust filter is ridding ambient air of solvent vapors which could adversely affect the health of lab workers. When placed on the waste bottle of an HPLC system, the specially-treated absorbent filters out nearly all organic solvent vapor evaporationg out of the waste solution.

Excellent capacity leads to longer lifetime of the exhaust filter: up to 10 months* for methanol, and up to 8 months* for acetonitile.

The optional break-through detector recognizes trace amounts of acetone, acetonitrile, ethanol, ethyl acetate, methanol, methylene chloride and THF. When the absorbent is saturated, break-through is indicated by a color change in the detector from orange/pink to dark purple. A small charcoal filter absorbs the vapors after they pass the detector.

*Based on results of our tests (water/organics = 50/50; flow rate 1.0 ml/min during the day, 0.5 ml/min overnight, 0.1 ml/min during weekends)

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