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Article No.: A59241
Articlename: VICI Safety Air Inlet Valve

VICI Safety Air Inlet Valve

VICI Safety Air Inlet Valve with 15 mm filter, fit any VICI cap or VICI safety cap

  • No evaporation of volatile compounds into lab air
  • Better composition stability of the mobile phases
  • Less shift of retention times
  • No bacterial contamination
  • Fit any VICI cap or VICI safety cap

The air inlet valve has a check valve which blocks vapors of the solution in a bottle, preventing the vapors from escaping into the lab. The mobile phase composition remains stable, resulting in constant retention times.

The check valve regulates the pressure when the negative pressure reaches 1.5 psi or 0.1 bar. This small negative pressure prevents evaporation of the liquid (lower vapor pressure) and still guarantees the stability of the flow rate. A negative pressure which is too high can influence the aspiration of a constant flow.

The 0.2 µm cellulose filter keeps your liquid free of bacteria and dust particles.

Air inlet valves fit on any VICI safety cap or VICI cap.

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