UHPLC/HPLC precolumn filter, universal

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Article No.: B2
Articlename: UHPLC/HPLC precolumn filter, universal

UHPLC/HPLC precolumn filter, universal

0.5 µm titanium frit, set of 5, stainless steel body, up to 1034 bar

UHPLC precolumn filters are designed to be an affordable alternative to cost intensive precolumn cartridges. With a total volume of less than 1 μL, these filters have only a minimal effect on the efficiency of UHPLC/HPLC columns and systems. When properly used, the filter should not significantly deteriorate the separation performance. Key Features:

  • Cost-effective protection for UHPLC and HPLC systems
  • Reliable way to extend column lifetime
  • Universal fit— connects easily to any brand column
  • Leak-tight up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar)

Technical Data


Type Column inlet filter


Filter 0.5 µm
Material stainless steel filter in stainless steel body with PEEK ferrule
Capillary connection Not needed, filter is directly connected to the column inlet

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