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Article No.: A66900
Articlename: 4000 MiD

The smallest mass spectrometer for preparative HPLC

Chip-based miniaturized mass spectrometer

The 4000 MiD is a miniaturized chip-based single quadrupole mass spectrometer suitable for a broad range of applications. An integrated oil-free pump system enables a small footprint and thereby the installation of this detector nearly everywhere.

The easy to use concept with plug and play consumable results in low maintenance costs and a completely tool-less front end. Due to its small design, the nitrogen consumption of the 4000 MiD is reduced leading to low operating costs. With the MiDas automated sampling unit, the 4000 MiD is the ideal addition for preparative HPLC systems and mass-directed purification.

With the integrated vacuum system and integrated electronics inside of one box the KNAUER 4000 MiD brings mass spectrometry to places where no other spectrometer can be deployed.

With a mass range of 50 to 800 m/z, the KNAUER 4000 MiD can be used for a broad variety of applications. In combination with the KNAUER MiDas, it is the ideal choice for preparative chromatography and direct introduction methods.
The mass spectrometer can be controlled with ClarityChrom® 7.4.1 and higher, as well as with PurityChrom® 5.09.069 and higher allowing it to be integrated into KNAUER LC systems.

Key Features

Technical Data


Detector type Mass spectrometer

MS Detection

MS type Single Quadrupole
Ionization modes ESI (positive and negative)
Mass range 50 m/z to 800 m/z

Mass sensitivity

Mass resolution m/z 0.7 (FWHM)
Mass accuracy m/z ± 0.3 (Full scan)

Gas requirements

Gas Nitrogen
Gas flow rate 2.5 l/min
Gas inlet pressure 2-6 bar


Dimensions 550 x 350 x 250 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 32 kg (4000 MiD only)

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