27.01.2021 | KNAUER NEWS

Sustainability and a birthday - cheerful faces at laboratory instrument manufacturer KNAUER

Alexandra Knauer, Managing Director of KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH, celebrated her birthday on January 28. That in itself is nothing special - roughly eight thousand Berliners have that in common with her - her gift is all the more so.

The forward-thinking entrepreneur from Berlin-Zehlendorf is known for not just keeping an eye on the company's well-being, but also for taking responsibility toward society and the environment. It is very important to her that the world remains diverse and worth living in the future.

Alexandra Knauer has therefore been asking herself for years, "How do we want to live and work in the future?" and she closely links the company's strategic goals with aspects of sustainability. The current goals include, for example, climate-neutral production by 2025.

What do sustainable, climate-neutral production and birthday have to do with each other?

Traditionally, the employees at KNAUER give their boss a birthday present. But what do you give in pandemic times from the home office without a nice birthday party?

Exactly - video messages! And more.

The basis for the idea was already created last year, when a few videos were shot with employee statements about sustainability at KNAUER. During Advent, visitors to the KNAUER website were able to see 24 messages for the first time. What the employees have now come up with for their boss's birthday goes well beyond that.

Under the project name KNAUERforFuture, even more employees have submitted their very personal message on the topic of sustainability for Alexandra Knauer. The employees' contributions can now be found on the KNAUER website and friends and partners can also participate with clips about sustainability. The result is already a nice video gallery, with individual and worth seeing answers about sustainability in the company and beyond. Starting with the beehives in the award-winning KNAUER garden, to digital process optimization to save paper, to plastic-free beverages. Every single message tells a bit about KNAUER's everyday life and ideas for more sustainability. 

The big goal? To advance the topic, become a frontrunner, and inspire as many people as possible. Alexandra Knauer pursues her goals with perseverance. Values such as reliability, stability and respect are also important to her, and quality always counts. Because that is the value context in which her parents founded the company 59 years ago.

I am excited and happy. My team couldn't have given me a better birthday present. I have the hope that we can motivate many company leaders and employees for sustainability activities.” said Alexandra Knauer after receiving the special gift from her team.

The video gallery can be accessed via www.knauer.net/forfuture 

The family-owned company KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH develops high-tech laboratory instruments, for example analytical and preparative HPLC, which are distributed to over 70 countries. Alexandra Knauer, who is the second generation to run the company, attaches great importance to corporate responsibility towards both employees and the environment and society. More information at www.knauer.net.


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