Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) inline sampling

Application No.: VTN0011

Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) inline sampling


During the development of a SMB method, it is helpful to determine the concentration profiles in the four SMB zones. An inline sampling was established in addition to the sampling at the extract and raffinate outlet. Therefore, a manual injection valve was implemented as sampling valve before the inlet of column 1 in the AZURA lab SMB system. With this setup a separation method of paracetamol and caffeine was optimized, and samples were taken in all four zones. The resulting concentration profiles help optimizing the method.

Technical Data

Application details

Method Simulated Moving Bed chromatography
Mode RP
Substances Caffeine, paracetamol
Key words Simulated moving bed, SMB, inline sampling, caffeine, paracetamol,
CAS number Paracetamol: CAS 103-90-2; Caffeine: CAS 58-08-2
Version 1 / 12-2020

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