Separation of Ectoine and Hydroxyectoine

Application No.: VPH0002J

Separation of Ectoine and Hydroxyectoine

ProntoSIL C18 AQ PLUS as much as ProntoSIL C18 AQ has been developed for use in aqueous mobile phases with an organic content below 10%. In comparison to ProntoSIL C18 AQ, ProntoSIL C18 AQ PLUS shows an enhanced stability at low pHs down to pH 1. In addition, the packing gives excellent peak shapes in pure aqueous eluents but differs in shape selectivity compared to ProntoSIL C18 AQ. The application field for this support is mainly in combinatorial chemistry where standard separation conditions are fast gradients from 0 - 100% organic and where the mobile phases include 0.1%TFA.

Technical Data


Method HPLC

Separation conditions

Mode RP
Substances 1 Ectoine2 Hydroxyectoine
Key words Protective substances, Fermentation brine
CAS number 96702-03-3, 165542-15-4

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