Separation of Additives in Softdrinks I

Application No.: VFD0017J

Separation of Additives in Softdrinks I

In the last year’s soft drinks with low calories became more and more importance by the consumers. The addition of preservatives in this case is especially required.

Technical Data


Method HPLC

Separation conditions

Mode RP
Substances Acesulfam K, Ascorbic acid, Aspartame, Benzoic acid, Caffeine, Saccharin, Sorbic acid, Quinine, Vanilline
Key words Sweeteners, Additives, Softdrinks, Sugar substitutes
CAS number 50-81-7, 55589-62-3, 81-07-2, 58-08-2, 22839-47-0, 130-95-0, 121-33-5,110-44-1, 65-85-0

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