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Run4WASH charity run brought in 5335 euros in donations despite pouring rain

Initiated by the Berlin-based company KNAUER, the Run4WASH charity run for the benefit of Viva con Agua de St. Pauli e.V. recently took place for the third time in Berlin Zehlendorf. In the meantime, the letter of thanks for the donation has already arrived – reason to report about this event here.

With a variety of joyful campaigns, the association Viva con Agua collects money for its WASH programs (WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene) for the provision of clean drinking water, for sanitation systems and for hygiene training in developing and emerging countries. The donations of the charity run will be used to equip more primary schools in Nepal with toilets.

The charity run in the small Zehlendorf industrial estate on the streets "Idsteiner Straße" and "Hegauer Weg", where the KNAUER company is located, took place on the occasion of the Social Day.

On the annual Social Day, the manufacturer of high-tech laboratory measuring instruments enables its employees to commit themselves to a good cause during working hours. This year, the decision was again made for a charity run and, as in the past, the companies in the neighborhood were asked to take part. Four companies and a class of fourth graders of the nearby Buschgraben primary school took part in the campaign.

During this charity run, the 750 meter long track can either be walked or run. Within an hour, the runners try to circle the track as often as possible. The managements of the participating companies and the sponsor of the school class previously set the amount of euros, they will donate for each lap. The total donation results from the number of laps completed.

Rainy weather then turned the event into a cross-country run and unfortunately the number of participants lagged behind the number of registrations. But the participants were very motivated. They didn't let their good mood get in the way and ran a total of 729 laps with full commitment. This corresponds to a distance from Berlin to Frankfurt am Main.

"Under these adverse circumstances, I was particularly pleased to see how much enthusiasm and commitment the runners and supporters of the participating companies and the school class had brought in. Viva con Agua, the recipient of the donation, provides sustainable support in such a way that the beneficiaries can implement their projects with local funds and maintain them themselves in the long term," says Alexandra Knauer, Managing Director of KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH.

KNAUER was joined by the companies "HACH LANGE GmbH", "MTS Systems GmbH" and "Detlef Janke Galvanik". "EDEKA P. Erler" sponsored the runners of the Buschgraben Primary School class and donated apples and bananas for all runners. The berlinTRAINING sports club provided a small warm-up with rhythmic music.

The soaking wet but happy athletes raised an impressive sum of 5335 Euro for Viva con Agua. A successful event, which invites to imitate.

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. is a non-profit association that has been working since 2006 to ensure that all people worldwide have access to clean drinking water. With more than 10000 voluntary supporters, the association supports water and sanitation projects as well as hygiene training activities at home and abroad according to the motto "Water for everyone - everyone for water". More about the water initiative at www.vivaconagua.org.

The family-owned company KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH has been developing high-tech laboratory measuring instruments for research and science for 57 years. The company's HPLC instruments can be used, for example, to test water or food samples for chemical contamination. KNAUER develops and manufactures in Berlin. Alexandra Knauer, the second-generation manager of the company, attaches great importance to corporate responsibility both towards its 135 employees and towards the environment and society. More information can be found at www.knauer.net


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