10.04.2017 | KNAUER NEWS

Quick quality control of aqueous samples

Using the proven technology of freezing point depression, the device determines the total concentration of all dissolved particles of a solution. This makes it suitable especially for quality control in the industrial sector and for the use in research laboratories.

The family-owned company KNAUER which is based in Berlin has more than 50 years of experience in freezing point osmometry. This knowledge is reflected also in the company’s latest development: using the new K-7400S, samples of just 50 µl can be analyzed.The key advantage of the measurement method: all dissolved components of a liquid are detected and displayed in a single value.

Sport drinks advertised to be isotonic for example can easily be analyzed using freezing point osmometry. Thus, the question whether these products match the osmotic pressure of human blood is quickly answered. Due to the user-friendly menu navigation as well as the robust design, the quiet K-7400S is suitable for routine use in analytical labs. For documentation purposes, the KNAUER company optionally provides a printer and the control software EuroOsmo 7400.

KNAUER is an ISO 9001 certified company with strict manufacturing and process reliability for highest quality ’’Made in Germany’’.

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