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Article No.: A4038-1
Articlename: Pump head 500 ml

Pump head 500 ml

500 ml/min, stainless steel, 100 bar, for AZURA Pump P 2.1L, BlueShadow Pump 80P, Smartline Pump 1800 and Smartline Pump 1950.

stainless steel, including accessories for AZURA Pump P 2.1L, Smartline Pump 1800 and Smartline Pump 1950, including accessories

Technical Data


Pump head 500 ml stainless steel
Max. flow rate 500 ml/min
Maximum delivery pressure 100 bar (10 MPa)
Pump head materials Stainless steel
Piston diameter 14.29mm
Piston seal washing standard
Wetted materials DIN 17862-12 TiAl6V4 Grade 5, graphite fiber reinforced PTFE, FPM, Kel-F, POM/PTFE, aluminum oxide (Al²O³)
Special features KelF®

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