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Article No.: A4023V5
Articlename: Pump head 100 ml for SFC

Pump head 100 ml for SFC

stainless steel, including accessories for AZURA Pump P 2.1L, Smartline Pump 1800 and Smartline Pump 1950 Optimized for SFC applications.

Technical Data


Pump head 100 ml stainless steel
Max. flow rate 100 ml/min
Maximum delivery pressure 400 bar (40 MPa)
Pump head materials Stainless steel
Piston diameter 6.35 mm
Piston seal washing standard
Wetted materials Stainless steel, graphite fiber reinforced PTFE, FPM, Kel-F, PTFE, aluminum oxide (Al²O³)
Special features KelF®

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