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For easy size-exclusion chromatography

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The AZURA® Bio SEC 10 system takes care of time-intensive SEC (size exclusion chromatography) methods in your laboratory. If you own a fully-equipped FPLC system, it will be free again to take over the more complex purification methods. The robust components of this compact FPLC system work very precisely and ensure excellent separation performance. System and included software are ideal for automated purification and very easy to use. The AZURA series is modular and can be flexibly configured or supplemented with further modules at a later date.

System components

The AZURA Bio SEC system contains a UV detector with a variable wavelength, an injection valve for automatic sample loading, and an isocratic system pump. The fraction collector reliably collects its purified sample into vessels of your choice from microtiter plates to bottles. The wetted parts are biocompatible and can be used with either buffer or with selected solvents. Control your runs with the easy-to-use FPLC software PurityChrom®. The software contains prefabricated methods, which can be easily adapted by changing the column volume. The user interface combines a clear visualization of the flow path with an intuitive device control.

Key Features

Technical Data

System specification

Purification simple, routine
Application size-exclusion chromatography
Gradient No
Flow rate 10 ml/min

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