31.05.2016 | KNAUER NEWS

Professional training program around HPLC

After some theoretical basics, the class was divided into three groups, each of which worked through three stations to find out the problem in each HPLC system with the help of the respective chromatogram. The main focus laid on solving problems regarding detectors, pumps and columns. The overall participants' feedback was very positive:

  • “The course was very interesting”
  • “Even with more than 10 years of experience in HPLC, I picked up some new ideas”.

Have a look at the following LC LAB Academy courses in 2016: OpenLab EE Edition – Software course on June 1 and 2:

HPLC-Troubleshooting – Practical seminar for HPLC users on October 13 (the contents of the course are the same as on April 27):
http://www.knauer.net/en/events/detail/2016-10-13-lc-lab-akademie-hplc-troubleshooting.html Preparative Chromatography: Workshop with theory and practical cases on October 4:http://www.knauer.net/en/events/detail/2016-11-04-lc-lab-akademie-praeparative-chromatografie.html
The complete LC LAB Program can be found at:

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