30.08.2021 | KNAUER NEWS

Politicians amazed by KNAUER company and its latest high-tech equipment for vaccine production

On 28 August 2021, Kai Wegner the CDU party’s top candidate for the position of Governing Mayor of Berlin, as well as the two members of the House of Representatives Stephan Standfuß and Dr. Adrian Grasse exchanged views with the management and employees of KNAUER on important future issues. In the past years, several politicians from the district - senate and opposition - have already visited the manufacturer of laboratory measuring instruments, based in the South of Berlin.

The primary focus was on the future development of Berlin and the economic relevance of medium-sized companies. How can Berlin-Brandenburg be attractive for innovative commercial enterprises in the long term? After all, it is precisely the medium-sized companies that generate a large proportion of the added value and place many orders with local suppliers. Climate protection was also on the agenda - a topic that is very important to Managing Director Alexandra Knauer and her 160 employees.

Surprising for the visitors was KNAUER's little known contribution to the successful vaccine production in the Corona Pandemic. Mr. Wegner and his companions were amazed when they learned of KNAUER's direct involvement in the production of the mRNA-based vaccines. Lipid nanoparticles (LNP) provide encapsulation and protection of the sensitive mRNA in mRNA corona vaccines. Previously, only small systems had existed, which could only be used to produce a small number of vaccine doses. In 2020, KNAUER engineers worked with a customer to develop production systems in a very short time that made it possible to produce LNP for several million doses of vaccine per week.

That's how KNAUER became a very important supplier of equipment for mRNA vaccine production, which is in use in several countries. The Zehlendorf-based company is thus a true hidden champion for the new field of lipid   nanoparticles production.

Top candidate Wegner said that KNAUER is a real role model company. For him, climate protection would also be at the top of the agenda. As governing Mayor, he would like to ensure that Berlin functions again in all places and that bureaucracy is reduced. For many years, KNAUER has relied on its own production and regional suppliers wherever possible, primarily for reasons of sustainability and short delivery times.

The issue of a shortage of skilled workers is of great importance to the successful company: Open positions are not easy to fill quickly. For example, KNAUER is looking for chemists, mechatronics engineers and trainees.  

"We would like to fill new positions in production, but unfortunately it is really difficult to get qualified personnel at the moment. We are feeling the shortage of skilled workers very much," says Thomas Müller, Head of the production department.

The family-owned company KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH has been developing high-tech laboratory instruments for research, routine analysis and production for 59 years. Liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems are used to analyze liquid samples for constituents and impurities and determine their quantity. The principle of separating a sample into its components is used in larger chromatography systems for the purification of substances like proteins, active ingredients or other valuable substances. For laboratory solutions, the company supplies metering pumps, switching valves and detectors for high-pressure applications. Promotion of science and corporate responsibility are of great importance.
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